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Gryphon Animo


To save his ailing sister, young Roland must journey to Skull Mountain to pluck a feather from the Mighty Gryphon.  He will only have his wits to protect him.  Wits.....and a massive tommy gun. 

Next Stop


Two jet-setters find sun, adventure, and ultimately romance as they travel the globe together in this vertically oriented film about life and love at 30,000 feet. 

Threads of History


This animated installation was created using full-size dress forms and projection techniques at Atlanta's prestigious SCADFash museum in a thrilling multimedia exhibition featuring centuries-old garments and paintings from Kent Knowles and Michael Brown.



Shot entirely on location in the streets of Hong Kong and Kowloon, a peaceful monk named Po is disturbed by an eruption of urban development, transforming a small quiet island of rocks and woods into the electric jungle of modern-day Hong Kong. 

The Anchorite


On the abandoned rooftops of a post-war city, a homeless muralist struggles with his subject matter, embarking on a journey into his subconscious in this surrealist animation about making art in the skeleton of a toppled superpower.

King Rust


A silent observer wanders into a saloon and meets the embodiment of decay in this story of love, lust, and mindless violence. 

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